original tarot deck

Classic Original 1909 RWS Tarot Deck

The Original Tarot Cards Deck with Guide Book For Beginners, Digitally Improved Comparable to Rider Waite Tarot Deck, includes Colorful Guidebook, Traditional Tarot Cards Classic Tarot Deck 78 Cards

About this deck:

  • POPULAR BEGINNER TAROT CARDS DECK: This traditional tarot deck is a 78 tarot card set that uses the classic design by Pamela Colman Smith under the original tarot design direction of Arthur Edward Waite.
  • HISTORICALLY ACCURATE: This Rider-Waite comparable tarot deck is the original tarot cards deck designed in 1909.
  • RESPECTFULLY RESTORED: Vectorized graphics bring this deck to sharp focus with highly pigmented colors that are visually stunning.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This deck is printed on highly durable 350 gsm, smooth cardstock and comes in a shrink-wrapped gloss laminate-finish box.

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Original Art Design

This tarot cards deck is historically accurate and uses the beautiful artwork and design of Pamela Colman Smith as created with A. E. Waite in 1909. 

Rider-Waite Comparable

The design used with this deck is commonly referred to as the “Rider-Waite”, “RWS”, or “Rider-Waite-Smith” tarot deck  style (after the original publisher William Rider & Son of London.)

Improved Classic
The images used in this deck are the iconic originals. Pixelation and colors have been digitally improved on each tarot card to make this tarot card deck visually pop while following the RWS tarot system.