Tarot Card Meanings

Rider-Waite Deck Method

Our reference tools, decks, and CTM™ certification exam are based on the system of tarot reading made popular by the Rider–Waite Tarot which was influenced by the teachings of the Golden Dawn. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck was created in 1909 and used a language of symbols and colors to convey the meanings of the cards so that they could be universally understood. A limitation of this system is the impact of time, in that new generations do not always connect immediately with the images that are used.

Tarot Skills decks combine symbolism (colors and symbols) found in the traditional Rider–Waite–Smith deck with present-day imagery to cause a rapid sensory-intuition response, so readers and their querents can better resonate with tarot card archetypes.

Where do the Right Meanings Come From?

The reader’s own intuition is always the key driver.  Tarot makes it possible to predict future events because the cards tell a story that the reader and client both relate to. Card meanings are the alphabet of the story. These meanings combined with the reader’s gift of intuition and analysis make up the pages of the book. Cards show the reader universally recognized symbols of thought through the progression of the present, as it evolved from the past, and the probable outcomes of the current path to the future.

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