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If you want to learn to read tarot cards, advance your tarot reading skills, and demonstrate tarot accuracy this platform is for you.

Grace Calas, Tarot Skills CEO
Certified Tarot Master, 10th generation Usui Reiki Master

Powerful Tarot Decks – No Need for a Guidebook

Our best selling tarot decks have sold out twice! Key words and symbols are built into the design of these 78 card decks with two options: a beginner deck, and a more more advanced deck that also includes astrology and zodiac signs. 

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Beginners: Read Tarot in Under 1 Hour

Want to read tarot accurately in under 1 hour? Our on-demand learning podcast, e-book, and tarot card decks make it possible.  Become a member today to start learning!

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Pros: Prove Your Tarot Accuracy

Earn a Certified Tarot Master certification to help you demonstrate your accuracy,  get a ReaderScore™ to help clients identify your psychic aptitude, and advertise yourself in our searchable tarot reader directory

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