The Celtic Cross Spread

Having trouble remembering this spread?  Use our mnemonic to help you remember the key positions of the spread with ease. Just remember:

Patty can do some pretty fun magic except when pouting!

  • Patty (Present Situation)
  • Can (Immediate Challenges)
  • Do (What You Think You Desire or Fear)
  • Some (Subconscious Motivators of Your Feelings)
  • Pretty (Recent Past)
  • Fun (Near Future)
  • Magic (Controllable Mindset)
  • Except (External Factors)
  • When (What You Really Want or Fear)
  • Pouting (Potential Outcome)

Each word in this mnemonic is  selected to correspond with a crucial element of the spread, making it easier for you to recall and interpret each card’s meaning. Whether you are just starting out or looking to deepen your practice, this mnemonic will be a valuable asset, guiding you towards more insightful and accurate readings. Embrace this tool and experience a more intuitive connection with the Tarot.

1. The Present Circumstances (traditionally called “The First Card – Covering the Significator”): This card represents the current situation. Note: The practice of using a Significator, as originally described by A.E. Waite, has become less common in modern tarot readings. Though some tarot readers still follow this traditional method, choosing a card before shuffling to represent the querent or the inquiry’s subject, many contemporary practitioners prefer to let the cards drawn in the reading naturally convey their messages without a pre-selected Significator. If you choose to use a Significator, it should be placed under the first card of the spread.

2. The Immediate Challenges (traditionally called “The Second Card – Crossing the First”): This card represents the immediate challenges or obstacles the querent is facing.

3. What You Think You Desire or Fear (traditionally called “The Third Card – Above the Significator”): This position reveals the querent’s conscious wants or fears. 

4. Subconscious Feelings (traditionally called “The Fourth Card – Beneath the Significator”): This card uncovers hidden factors or underlying drives that shape the root of the matter.

5. Recent Past (traditionally called “The Fifth Card – Behind the Significator”): This card reflects the recent influences that have affected the present situation.

6. Near Future(traditionally called “The Sixth Card – Before the Significator”): This card represents the immediate direction in which the situation is heading.

7. Controllable Mindset (traditionally called “The Seventh Card – Signifies the Querent”): This card represents the querent’s conscious thought processes and attitudes.

8. External Factors (traditionally called “The Eighth Card – His House”): This card represents people, events, or environmental factors outside the querent’s complete control.

9. What You Really Want or Fear (traditionally called “The Ninth Card – Hopes or Fears”): This position represents what the querent wants to manifest or release.

10. Potential Outcome (traditionally called “The Tenth Card – What Will Come”): The final result, the culmination brought about by the influences shown in the reading. This was the probable final result before the influence of this reading