The Best Beginner’s Deck

Read tarot cards accurately in under one hour WITHOUT a guidebook.

  • Upright & Reversed key-word meanings
  • “Yes” & “No” references
  • INCLUDES: Online training, master level certification, e-Book, membership, & more  (an added $95 value)
$140.95  $45.95 (Plus Shipping – Fed Ex Ground)

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The Lightworker’s Tarot Card Deck is a 78 tarot cards set designed for lightworkers: empaths, reiki and energy healers, clairvoyants, mediums, and psychics with vivid imagery for rapid sensory-intuition response.

‣ Professional grade card stock easily shuffles
‣ New readers will not need a guidebook
‣ Includes tarot training
‣ Includes a free ReaderScore™
‣ Includes  master level certification exam
‣ Reiki treated to clear all energies before shipping
‣ Made in the USA