The Ultimate Beginner-to-Intermediate Deck

‣ Casino quality professional grade card stock easily shuffles
‣ New readers will not need a guidebook
‣ Includes tarot training
‣ Includes a free ReaderScore™
‣ Includes master level certification exam
‣ Get premium access to the TarotSkills Community
Reiki treated to clear all energies before shipping
‣ Made in the USA

The Star Kissed deck is a traditional 78-card tarot deck based on the original “Golden Dawn” system first used by the Rider–Waite–Smith deck in 1909. This deck is a natural next step for owners of The Lightworker’s Deck because it builds upon the basics by adding advanced tarot reading techniques, while still not requiring the reader to use a guidebook. The Star Kissed Deck provides powerful imagery including keywords, symbols, and hints built into the card design to instantly give the reader information without having to use a guidebook to look it up. Our decks are designed for lightworkers: empaths, reiki and energy healers, clairvoyants, mediums, and psychics with vivid imagery for rapid sensory-intuition response.

Includes astrology, zodiac signs, timing, elements, and keywords on each card!

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