Energies Pre-Neutralized 

We understand that lightworkers can be extremely sensitive to energy, so we clear it from the deck before shipping.  Every deck is made in the USA and then hand-treated by a traditional Usui reiki master to clear energies that are inherently picked up during the creation process.

No Guidebook is Needed

New readers will not need to look up tarot card meanings using a guidebook because key words, elemental, and yes/no references are built into the design of each card for both upright and reversed positions.

Professional Quality

This limited edition is quality checked for perfection.  Our card stock is of the highest professional grade with an embossed linen texture over a black-core center layer that prevents light transfer, warms in the hand, and is easy to shuffle.

Premium Access Included

Get full premium access to the Tarot Skills platform, which includes a community network listing, tarot training, ReaderScore™ and master level certification.