Learn to Read Tarot Cards In Under 1 Hour

Welcome to the easiest way to learn about tarot cards. We used decades of experience to deliver what you need to know to begin reading cards accurately immediately. This podcast series with an e-book takes less than 1 hour to complete in 23 short, easy-to-absorb lessons.

Learning Made Easy

On-demand podcast with e-book makes learning easy.

You’ll be Reading in 1 Hour

Course Outline

I. Introduction to Tarot Card Reading
1. What is tarot?
2. Does tarot really predict the future?
3. Who reads tarot?
4. Who is the “Golden Dawn”?

II. How to Give Accurate Tarot Card Readings
1. What are the basic rules?
2. What are the card meanings?
3. How to read without memorizing or using a guidebook
Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – Deck Selection
Part 3 – Understanding Elements
Part 4 – PIP Positions
Part 5 – The Court Cards
Part 6 – Using Astrology and Timing with Tarot
Part 7 –  Hacking your Intuition

III. How to Excel in the Art of Tarot Reading
1. How to Increase Accuracy and Effectiveness
Part 1 – The Art of Great (Client) Questions
Part 2 – How to Avoid Going Blank
Part 3 – Learning New Spreads
2. Skeptics, Verbal Attacks, Unhappy Clients, and Clients to Refer Away
3. Protecting your Energy
4. How to Handle a Scary Reading

IV. Professional Tarot Card Reading
1. Can you Make Money Reading Tarot?
2. How do I Start a Tarot Reading Business?
3. Ethics

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