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🌑 New Moon: July 5, 2024 in CANCER
🌕 Full Moon: June 21, 2024 in CAPRICORN

Manifest with the New Moon: Setting Intentions and Goals
In the rhythm of the moon’s cycle, the new moon emerges as a time of beginnings and untapped potential. This phase is widely regarded as the perfect moment for setting intentions and manifesting goals. The energy surrounding the new moon is believed to significantly amplify these intentions, offering a powerful backdrop for planting the seeds of your aspirations.

Release with the Full Moon: Embracing Renewal and Endings
Conversely, the full moon symbolizes a period of release, renewal, and the culmination of efforts. It serves as a reminder to reflect on your achievements and to consciously release what no longer contributes to your personal growth. This phase of the moon invites you to close chapters that have served their purpose, making space for new beginnings.

Your Personal Lunar Journey: Embracing Individual Interpretations
While these lunar phases come with traditional beliefs about their influence, it is essential to remember the importance of personal resonance and interpretation. Your intuition and individual experiences are your guides in how you choose to manifest during the new moon and release during the full moon. Embrace these natural cycles in a way that feels authentic to you, allowing your unique connection to these celestial events to empower your personal journey.