Predict your tarot reading accuracy.

Tarot accuracy is highly dependent on having great intuition.

Newbies:    We are all intuitive.   You don’t have to be an experienced psychic or medium to become one—but it takes practice. ReaderScore gives you a baseline to start —like taking “before picture” of your intuition.  Take the assessment again whenever you want to to see how you are improving.  Give yourself a measured place to start and see how quickly you improve. Intuition is something that improves with practice. You can increase your intuitive capacity by focusing on it.

Experts:  Demonstrate your expertise will science with ReaderScore.

With a tarot ReaderScore you can measure intuition whenever you want–and share it with your clients.

What is it?

A tarot ReaderScore is a three-digit number that uses an mathematical algorithm that predicts the likelihood of a reader’s accuracy.

Calculated how?

The tarot ReaderScore is calculated by aggregating data with more than 30 categorized data points from four frameworks.

Does it change?

Yes.  The tarot ReaderScore is dynamic and will update with each new qualifying event (such as new training and new certification) and your current disposition.

Domain Frameworks
Number of Base Data Elements
Satisfaction Promise

The percentages of ReaderScore™

Volume of Experience


Training and Certification


 Emotional Intelligence


Current Aptitude


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