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Help your clients quickly identify your psychic and intuitive aptitude using next generation data science.

What is it?

ReaderScore™ helps your clients quickly identify your psychic and intuitive aptitude to read Tarot cards.  It is the credit score equivalent of a reader’s level of sensitively.  It uses a patent-pending process to generate a three-digit number using a mathematical algorithm that predicts the likelihood of a reader’s accuracy.

Calculated how?

The ReaderScore™ is calculated by aggregating data with more than 30 categorized data points from four frameworks: 1) Aptitude 2) Training and Certification 3) Volume of Experience 4) Emotional Intelligence.  It uses baseline comparative data to calculate results. The score is completed with a simple online application that takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Does it change?

Yes. Readers complete an online assessment that gathers the baseline data used to calculate the first score.  The ReaderScore™ is dynamic and will update with each new qualifying event (such as new training and new certification.)

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The percentages of ReaderScore™

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