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About our Founder

Stephanie, the President of, is a Certified Tarot Master with a rich heritage in the spiritual arts. She carries the mysteries of an oral history rooted within an ancestral line of rumored Celtic witches and Freemasons. Trained in Gardnerian Wicca, Stephanie has been active in the tarot world since 1983. She is recognized for her intuitive psychic abilities and has been described as a “weapon-grade tarot reader.”  In addition to tarot, she is an Usui Reiki Master and has been exploring the paranormal as an investigator since 2005.

Her journey is marked by a fusion of spirituality and cutting-edge technology. After spending three decades in the corporate technology sector, she pivoted in 2019 to fully dedicate herself to tarot and spiritual pursuits.  She founded in 2021.  Stephanie is the designer of the Lightworker’s and Star Kissed Tarot decks. This unique blend of experiences enables Stephanie to provide insights that connect with both traditional enthusiasts and a new generation of tarot learners.

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