Every card tells a story, every reading a step towards true potential.

ManifeTarot™ Online Tarot Journal and Professional Report System


Every card tells a story, every reading a step towards true potential.

ManifeTarot™ Online Tarot Journal and Professional Report System



76% of people who journal their goals succeed*.


What happens when you add ManifesTarot?


Harness scientific magick.

The Power of Intention
Easily visualize and organize your tarot predictions into an action plan for manifesting the results that you want.

Affirmation Builder
Effortlessly harness self-talk to transform your interpretations into empowering actions.

Feelings Finder
Rapidly identify your feelings about the tarot reading to better understand and communicate your wants.

Achieve new insights.

Never Go Blank
Instantly engage with suggested card interpretations for beginners, or customize them for your expert insights.

Use Astrology
Seamlessly prompt yourself expand your tarot insights by integrating moon phases, zodiac signs, classic elements, and other esoteric traditions.

Flexible Spreads
Use a fully customized spread of 1 to 78 cards, or get guided assistance to learn classics like the Celtic Cross.

Get modern convenience.

Fast-Track Documentation 
Streamline your creative process to focus more on your insights, less on the paperwork.

Hard Copy When You Want
Elevate the reading experience by printing your personal journal entry, or present your friends or clients with their own detailed, professional tarot report.

Safe and Secure
Ensure piece of mind with HIPAA healthcare grade data security, encrypted in transit, end to end, and at rest.

3 Ways to Buy

Pick the best way for you to use the ManifesTarot

Monthly Plan

$4.99 / month

  • Cancel anytime.

starter plan

$29 / month

  • 2TB Storage

  • Upgrade Plan Anytime

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advance plan

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Love it

As someone new to tarot, ManifesTarot has been a game changer. Its user-friendly interface and clear card meanings helped me feel confident in my readings. I especially love the educational features that guide me through different spreads.” – Emily, New Tarot Enthusiast

Very helpful

ManifesTarot has streamlined my professional readings. The ability to create detailed reports for my clients not only saves time but adds a level of professionalism to my services. The HIPAA-compliant security is a major plus.” – John, Professional Tarot Consultant

Yes, just yes!

I use ManifesTarot in my counseling practice. Its emotion tracker and affirmation builder are invaluable tools for helping my clients explore their inner worlds and set meaningful intentions.” – Priya, Spiritual Counselor

It works as promised.

It’s amazing how the readings, combined with the affirmation builder, have helped me on my personal growth journey.” – Alex, Tarot Reader

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you, too, are a skeptic metaphysician–check out our references to evidence based approach and tarot.

Yes.  You can learn tarot effectively with guided interpretations and educational features that are ideal for beginners.

Offer clients professional, tangible reports of their readings, adding substantial value to your tarot services.  And, do it in minutes.

Yes. You can use our prompts or you can customize and create your own spreads and interpretations.

The Affirmation Builder helps you create personalized affirmations based on your tarot readings, aiding in manifesting your desired outcomes. The Feelings Finder allows you to label and understand the emotional responses connected to each reading, deepening your introspective journey.

ManifesTarot includes features that track real-time lunar insights and astrological alignments, like zodiac signs and planetary positions. This integration allows for a deeper and more nuanced interpretation of tarot readings, providing you with additional layers of insight.

This means that your data is fully protected at all stages. ‘In transit’ refers to the encryption of your data as it moves between your device and our servers. ‘End-to-end’ means that it’s encrypted in a way that allows only you and the intended recipient to access it. ‘At rest’ indicates that your data is also encrypted when stored on our servers. This multi-layered approach ensures the highest level of security for your sensitive tarot reading entries.

We prioritize your privacy by implementing enhanced privacy measures, such as encrypted reading entries and password-protected PDF reports. This ensures that only you have access to your personal readings and information.

Our Non-Retentive Data Practice means that we don’t aggregate your personal data beyond what’s necessary for providing our services. This gives you complete control over your reports.

HIPAA compliance means that we adhere to strict standards for protecting sensitive patient health information and offer our service using HIPAA compliant security standards. Although tarot readings are not medical records, we apply the same level of care and security.  If you use the service in patient care we need to implement a Business Associate (BA) agreement.  We are happy to do this upon request, ensuring compliance and security.