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Get listed in the Tarot Skills Directory to expand your tarot reading client base.  The Tarot Skills directory is free to search.  It provides a place for potential clients to easily find and connect with you using unique and intuitive filters. Enhance your visibility and grow your business in a community actively seeking your unique tarot skills.

Why do Querents like the Tarot Skills Directory? 

We offer querents (the person seeking a reading) an intuitive filtering system so they can find a tarot reader who truly resonates with your individual needs and spiritual path.

Precision Filtering

Querents find a reader who aligns with their needs using filters for sensitivity (intuitive, psychic, medium) and our unique ReaderScore.

Trusted Expertise

Each reader’s intuitive ability is quantified by our ReaderScore, calculated through their experience, training, emotional intelligence, and more.

Diverse Range of Specialties

Whether querents are drawn to tarot cards, oracle cards, analytic psychology, or reiki, our readers offer a wide array of specialties to explore deeper insights and answers.

How the Directory Works


Brigit reads Tarot Cards.  

She wants to prove her skills to get more business.


She sets up her profile.

She becomes a member to get immediate access.


She categorizes herself.

She advertises her specializations and fees.


She gets a ReaderScore.

She completes an application to get her first score.


Users search for Readers.

Both students & reading clients want to find tarot readers.


Brigit’s score helps.

Users can see her score compared with others.

Step 7

They plan a Reading.

The client contacts her per Brigit’s preferences.

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