Advocates of Spiritual Consumers (ASC)

We promote the welfare and rights of Spiritual Consumers.

Scammers are a concern for legitimate, professional spiritual advisors. We must work as a team to develop and maintain optimum results that help Spiritual Advisors deliver valuable services. To combat fraud we recommend Spiritual Consumer closely adhere to these rights and responsibilities:

As a Spiritual Consumer, you have the RIGHT to:

  • No high-pressure tactics or threats about future bad consequences.
  • Discuss your spiritual services with anyone without secrecy.
  • Purchase spiritual products (i.e., crystals, charms, candles, etc.) from any vendor.
  • Ignore unsolicited contact for spiritual services (i.e., email, DM, face-to-face, etc.)
  • Receive spiritual services that respect your personal beliefs, culture, and values.
  • Be assured of the confidentiality of your spiritual services.
  • Know the total cost of the spiritual service upfront.
  • Know precisely what you will receive for the cost of the spiritual service.

As a Spiritual Consumer, you have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Walk away from Spiritual Advisors that do not respect your rights as stated above.
  • Never give money, credit card, or bank account information to anyone you do not know or trust.
  • Be suspicious of any guarantee of wealth, love, or the removal of a curse.
  • Ignore medical information given without a professional license.
  • Report scams to Local Law Enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission, or the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Tarot Skills members are held to a strict code of ethics.