The Star Kissed Tarot Deck

Tarot skills – Star Kissed Tarot Deck.  Tarot cards with meanings on them including astrology for horoscopes with zodiac signs and planets, keywords, reversed, elements, yes or no tarot, and it includes an online education course for learning tarot!

Card Features and Benefits: 

KEYWORDS UPRIGHT: No Guidebook Needed
No need to memorize the cards or use a guidebook with straightforward, easy to read, keywords (oracle style) printed clearly on each card.

Reversals are no problem with keywords clearly indicating the related (only sometimes opposite) card meaning.

This deck honors that original “Golden Dawn” inferences with many of the same symbols and colors made popular with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck in 1909

VIVID IMAGERY: Supercharge your Accuracy
Supercharge your inner-psychic with images that speak loudly to next-generation readers and their clients.

ELEMENT: Instantly Identify the Core Meaning
Instantly identify which of the classic elements of earth, wind, fire, and water need your attention.

YES/NO: Because Sometimes You Want to Know —Now
Get fast answers with clear “yes” and “no” readings

ZODIAC SIGNS: Is it the Gemini or the Aries? Don’t Guess
Get added confirmation with zodiac signs and the personality traits that help identify the person or event in a tarot spread

PLANETS: Know When Retrograde Really Matters
Quickly identify what planets are influencing your reading (and how) and know when to pay extra attention to their energetic position (such as when they are in retrograde)

TIMING (MONTH/SEASON): Don’t Guess When… When is.
Focus your attention on the message for the right months, seasons, and stages of event development

HIGH QUALITY CARDSTOCK: This Deck is Built to Last.
Casino quality 3-layer cardstock with a linen finish and black core will not light transfer and will last shuffle after shuffle and it comes in a high-gloss functional tuck box that protects the cards but also fits in most tarot bags and boxes.

Deck includes  PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ($95 value) FREE!

  • Training: comes with a complete online training course to help you learn tarot reading in under 1 hour (in 4 simple steps that include everything from card spreads to opening your own tarot business)
  • ebook: Get a PDF copy of the “Learn Tarot Card Reading in Under 1 Hour: with Tarot Skills Second Edition” (value: for $24.95 value)
  • Certification: Includes certification (when your ready to read for others) to prove your skills
  • Readerscore: Use this tool to measure your current level of intuition to know if you are having a “bad-day” or if your inner gifts are on-poin
  • Directory Listing: Get listed in our trusted Lightworker directory and advertise your tarot business



Bonus Keycard: Get a pocket sized keycard that gives quick references to the meanings for zodiac signs, elements and planets

Reiki Cleared: Every deck is hand treated by a Reiki master before mailing to clear energies and get it ready for your deck interview

Risk Free Offer

Find out why this deck is loved across 6 continents and all 50 USA states …risk free! Use the deck for 30 days and if you don’t love it return it for a full refund —and keep the training, certification, ReaderScore, eBook, and directory listing as a free gift. ($95 value)

Your Order Supports Local Small Business:
Our Decks are 100% Made in the USA in small batches by Tarot Skills–a female owned and operated business in Salt Lake City UT

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