Become a tarot pro in just 3 hours.

Salt Lake City, UT
Coming Soon!


Salt Lake City, UT 
Coming Soon!

Become a tarot pro in just 3 hours.


Become a Tarot Pro in Just 3 Hours

Become a Tarot Pro
in Just 3 Hours

Curious about Tarot but think it’s too hard to learn?  We’ve crafted a perfect solution just for you.

This 3-hour masterclass workshop is an in-person event that demystifies the secrets of tarot, bringing its timeless wisdom instantly to those who are eager to learn. With our unique, simple teaching method, we’ll guide you to:

  • Start as a Beginner, Emerge Like a Pro
    Begin with no prior tarot reading knowledge and leave ready to read like a professional.

  • Instantly Connect with Tarot Card Meanings
    Bypass the need for memorization and… no need to reference a guidebook.

  • Unlock Tarot’s Deeper Insights
    Go beyond the simplicity of oracle cards to tap into the rich details only found in tarot readings.

  • Master the Messages and Warnings of the Cards
    Use tarot to manifest the future you desire and confidently navigate life’s challenges.

  • Advanced Tarot Techniques
    Approved by seasoned readers for its inclusion of advanced techniques, including zodiac and astrology.

What Beginners Get

Accurately read tarot without needing to reference a guidebook by the end of the class!

What Enthusiasts Get

Learn how to use advanced tarot card reading techniques, including astrology.

Deck Included

Star Kissed Tarot Deck (retails $49.95) and a premium membership ($95 added value).

And a special bonus: Learn how experts elevate their readings by integrating the power of energy healing.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or have some experience, this masterclass is your gateway to becoming proficient in traditional tarot reading, equipped with knowledge and skills that usually take years to develop. Join us to unlock your potential as a tarot reader, and transform your curiosity into mastery in just one afternoon.

About the Presenter:
Stephanie Cecchini, an internationally acclaimed tarot expert and the founder of Stephanie, a seasoned presenter, was featured as a speaker at some of tarot’s most popular events in 2023, including StaarCon, The International Divination Event, Northwest Tarot Symposium, and the World Divination Association.

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Stephanie made learning tarot so easy. I was always interested in tarot but now I read cards everyday and have gained remarkable insights.  I highly recommend her class.

Robin Sherman

100% —just, yes! This workshop was everything I hoped it would be and more.  I love my Star Kissed Tarot deck and get asked where I got it all the time.  Stephanie is amazing.

Briana Jones

I loved meeting Stephanie in person.  Her class was easy to understand and has helped me a lot.  You won’t regret the time well spent.

Isolt Rodriguez