Certified Tarot Master (CTM™)

Many querents (clients) don’t trust tarot readers without some proof of their knowledge. That’s why they rely on word of mouth referrals and trial readings. If you know how to read tarot cards, the Certified Tarot Master (CTM™) credential can help.

What You Need.

This is not a theory-based test. It is designed to mimic real world readings. You will need to demonstrate competency in the mechanical principals of Tarot Reading such as:

  • Tarot archetypes
  • Symbols used in tarot readings, including elements (i.e. earth, wind, fire, water)
  • Tarot card spread formations

The use of internet searches or any other tool you would have access to in the real world is is allowed. The certification is an evaluation that verifies a reader’s ability to work successfully in a professional tarot reading job. To bear this credential, you will be required to strictly follow the Code of Ethics Agreement.

Average test time 45 minutes. Test Time Limit: 60 minutes

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