Become a (CTM) Certified Tarot Master

Become a (CTM) Certified Tarot Master – the Gold Standard in Tarot Reading!

In the world of tarot, credibility is the bridge between a reader and a seeker. Many seekers are searching for more than just a reader—they’re seeking an expert.

Prove your skills to grow your business.

While word-of-mouth recommendations and trial readings are helpful, having a solid badge of expertise can really set you apart. That’s where the Certified Tarot Master (CTM) comes in. It’s not just another piece of paper – it’s a seal of your dedication and skill.

Behind the CTM Exam

Our CTM exam is meticulously crafted to mirror the challenges and nuances of real-world tarot readings. It isn’t a mere theoretical quiz; it’s a test of your practical skills, intuition, and ethical considerations. Here’s a sneak peek into its structure:

  • Tarot Archetypes: Understanding these ensures you can connect deeply with the universal stories tarot tells, making your readings resonate more with clients.
  • Tarot Symbols: The language of tarot is rich in symbols. From elemental signs to intricate motifs, being fluent in these symbols allows for richer and more accurate readings.
  • Tarot Spreads: Crafting the right spread is like choosing the best lens for a camera. It helps focus the reading, making sure the client’s questions are addressed head-on.

Moreover, the exam environment is set to resemble actual reading conditions. This means you can use online tools or resources just as you might in a genuine session. It’s our way of ensuring that, when you pass, you’re truly ready for any professional tarot scenario.

And let’s not forget ethics. The world of tarot thrives on trust and integrity. As a CTM holder, you’ll be committing to our revered Code of Ethics, ensuring your readings are not only insightful but also honorable.

Exam Logistics: Most candidates wrap up in 45 minutes, but remember there’s a 60-minute cap. So, stay sharp and focused!

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