The Star Kissed Tarot Deck

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Star Kissed


The Star Kissed deck is a traditional 78-card tarot deck (plus a legend-reference card) based on the original “Golden Dawn” system that was first used by the Rider–Waite–Smith deck in 1909.  It builds upon the basic archetypes to include astrology, zodiac signs, timing, elements, and keywords on each card.  Our decks are designed for lightworkers: empaths, reiki and energy healers, clairvoyants, mediums, and psychics with vivid imagery for rapid sensory-intuition response.

The Best Next Level Deck allows you to read tarot cards accurately in under one hour WITHOUT a guidebook.

  • Upright & Reversed key-word meanings on each card
  • “Yes” & “No” references on each card
  • Astrology zodiac signs on applicable cards
  • Seasonal Timing references on applicable cards
  • Planetary references on applicable cards


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