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This deck talks. Like for real.

Shuffle Real Cards, Gain Ancient Wisdom — Instantly

This deck talks. Like for real.

Shuffle Real Cards, Gain Ancient Wisdom Instantly


Hard Copy Deck comes with 78 Virtual Guides

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Discover the Talking Tarot Deck

Wisdom from the mouths of the cards.

The future of tarot is coming WINTER 2024.


The art work used by this deck was virtually finger painted with AI. Specifically, it includes ethically sourced AI-enhanced artistry that was significant altered by the original authorship and graphic design of a human artist (Stephanie).

AI & ART RIGHTS: While the nature of AI and machine learning makes pinpointing specific individual works of artists used in the training of text-to-image generators complex, we’ve taken several precautions to ensure our project respects and adheres to fair use, copyright laws, and the rights of artists.

ART ALTERATION: The artwork in the Talking Tarot differs significantly from the initial text-to-image generated outputs, and therefore from any potential source material. Our end product is a unique piece that doesn’t replicate original artworks.

IMAGE SEARCHES: We conduct reverse image searches using tools like Google to ensure that the generated output doesn’t closely mirror any known existing work. While this method can’t guarantee the identification of every artist or photographer, it represents a proactive step in our due diligence process.

BASE ART RETENTION: For transparency and internal review, we retain the base art that the AI generates. This allows us to review and compare outputs to ensure we’re not inadvertently reproducing copyrighted material.

OPEN COMMUNICATION: We maintain an open communication policy. If an artist or rights holder believes their work has been used without permission, we’re committed to reviewing the claim, engaging in constructive dialogue, and taking appropriate actions if necessary. We are fully aware of the challenges and ethical considerations AI brings to the creative space. Our aim is to strike a balance between innovation and respect for artists’ rights. We believe that AI can be a tool to complement human creativity, not replace or unfairly replicate it.