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Hi, I’m Stephanie Cecchini. I’m the founder of Tarot Skills, and the designer of The Star Kissed Tarot Deck and the Lightworker’s Deck.  As the creator behind Tarotskill.com, I want you to know that your voice truly matters. When you reach out, it’s me reading every email – no bots, no giant team, just a passionate individual dedicated to the Tarot community. Your feedback, ideas, and experiences are invaluable, helping shape the future of our community. Tell me how I’m doing, share your thoughts, or suggest anything new you’d like to see. I hope I always exceed your expectations.

If you are unhappy for any reason….contact me and I will make it right!

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Until our paths cross again, keep shuffling, keep discovering, and remember – within you lies the power to change lives, one card at a time.

Wishing you love, light, and happiness,

Stephanie Cecchini, CTM