General Questions

  1. What is
    • is a hub for modern tarot readers, offering custom decks, online courses, and tools to help both beginners and seasoned tarot readers master the art of tarot reading.
  2. What types of tarot decks do you offer?
    • We provide classic 78 tarot card sets inspired by the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck, featuring original tarot color meanings and symbols. Our decks include modern images and come with a premium membership that offers additional resources to help you learn tarot reading efficiently​​.
  3. How can I learn tarot reading quickly?
    • Our Lightworker’s Tarot Deck and the Star Kissed Tarot Deck come with online training courses that can teach you tarot reading in under 1 hour. These courses cover basic to advanced concepts, making them ideal for beginners and intermediate learners​​​​​​.

Products and Services

  1. What does the Lightworker’s Tarot Deck include?
    • This beginner-friendly deck includes keywords, reversed card meanings, elements, yes/no indications on each card, and access to an online training course. It also offers tools for those ready to go professional, including Tarot Master Certification and ReaderScore​​.
  2. What is unique about the Star Kissed Tarot Deck?
    • Aimed at beginners to intermediate readers, especially those interested in astrology, this deck features astrological signs, planets, keywords, and easy symbols for intuitive readings. It also includes free training, certification exam, ReaderScore, and a directory listing​​.
  3. What is the ReaderScore™?
    • ReaderScore is an innovative tool at Tarot Skills that assesses your tarot reading accuracy through a unique scoring system, helping you gauge and improve your intuitive abilities​​.

Learning and Certification

  1. Can I become a certified tarot reader through
    • Yes, you can become a Certified Tarot Master (CTM) by passing our CTM certification exam. This certification is designed to elevate your tarot reading to a professional level and is recognized as a mark of expertise​​.
  2. Do you offer any workshops or classes?
    • We offer a rare in-person master class that teaches you to read tarot like a pro in 3 hours, covering old-school traditions, next-generation magic, and how to use Reiki to enhance your readings​​.

Community and Support

  1. Is there a community I can join?
    • Tarot Skills boasts a vibrant community of over 1,000 tarot enthusiasts. We welcome everyone from beginners to experienced readers and seekers of insightful readings. Our platform facilitates easy connections between readers and querents​​.
  2. How can I get in touch for more information?
    • For more details or questions not covered in the FAQ, visitors can join the site or reach out through the “Contact” section. Membership also offers access to additional resources and community features​​​​​​.

Understanding and Purchasing Our Tarot Decks

Q: What are the main differences between the tarot decks available on

A: offers a variety of tarot decks designed to cater to different preferences and levels of tarot reading expertise. Here are the key differences:

  • The Lightworker’s Tarot Deck: Ideal for beginners, this deck includes keywords, reversed card meanings, elements, and yes/no indications printed on each card. It’s designed to be easy to understand without constant reference to a guidebook. This deck is perfect for those who appreciate direct guidance and swift learning​​.
  • The Star Kissed Tarot Deck: Aimed at both beginners and intermediate readers, this deck incorporates astrology, making it a favorite among astrology enthusiasts. Like the Lightworker’s deck, it also includes keywords, reversed meanings, and elements, but adds zodiac signs and planets for each card, offering a unique layer for astrological interpretations​​.  This deck is available in both English and Spanish.

Each deck includes access to an online tarot reading course, designed to get you reading tarot cards confidently in under an hour. Additionally, purchasing these decks provides tools for those ready to progress professionally, including access to the Tarot Master Certification and the ReaderScore tool.

Q: How can I purchase a tarot deck from

A: Purchasing a tarot deck from is straightforward:

  1. Visit the product page for the deck you’re interested in (e.g., the Lightworker’s Tarot Deck, the Star Kissed Tarot Deck  (in English), or the Star Kissed Tarot Deck (in Spanish) also known as the Besado Por Las Estrellas Cartas del Tarot ).
  2. Read through the deck’s features, benefits, and included bonuses to ensure it matches your needs.
  3. Click on the “Buy Now” button to proceed to checkout. You can also find our decks on Amazon for an easy purchasing option​​​​.

Q: What are the benefits of purchasing a tarot deck from

A: Beyond receiving a high-quality tarot deck, purchasers gain access to a Premium Membership valued at $95 which includes comprehensive online tarot reading courses, certification opportunities, and innovative tools like ReaderScore for tracking intuitive abilities. Our decks are crafted to facilitate learning and professional advancement in tarot reading. Each purchase includes a premium membership with additional resources and support to enhance your tarot journey​​​​.

Q: Are there any special offers or bundles available with tarot deck purchases?

A: Yes, we frequently offer special deals and bundles that include free training, certified tarot master exams, ReaderScore assessments, directory listings, and PDF eBooks. These offers are designed to provide exceptional value and support your tarot reading practice at every level​​​​.

Understanding and Using ManifesTarot™

Q: What is ManifesTarot™ and how can it be used?

A: ManifesTarot™ is an innovative tool available on designed to enhance tarot readings by incorporating technology and storytelling. It can be used in two main ways:

  1. As a smart online journal: Users can record their readings, track progress, and note reflections over time, enhancing their intuitive journey and personal growth.
  2. As a professional report generator: For tarot readers offering services to clients, ManifesTarot™ creates detailed and visually appealing reports that can be shared, adding a professional touch to readings.

This tool merges the intuitive practice of tarot with modern technology, making readings more accessible and engaging for both personal reflection and professional consultation.

Q: How do I access ManifesTarot™ and what are its features?

A: ManifesTarot™ is accessible to members of Features include intuitive entry interfaces for journaling readings, customizable report templates for client sessions, and analytics to track reading patterns or insights. To access, simply navigate to the ManifesTarot™ section on the website and log in with your membership credentials.

Q: Can ManifesTarot™ help improve my tarot reading skills?

A: Yes, ManifesTarot™ is designed to support both beginners and experienced tarot readers. By allowing you to journal and review your readings, you can identify patterns, track your growth, and refine your interpretation skills. The professional report feature also aids in articulating your insights more clearly, enhancing your communication with clients.

Q: Are there any tutorials or guides on how to use ManifesTarot™ effectively?

A: While specific tutorial availability might vary, typically provides resources and support for all its tools and services. Look for guides, video tutorials, or user manuals in the ManifesTarot™ section, or reach out to customer support for personalized assistance.

Q: What makes ManifesTarot™ different from other tarot tools available online?

A: ManifesTarot™ stands out due to its dual functionality, combining a personal tarot journal with a professional report generator. This unique blend of features supports a wide range of tarot practices, from personal meditation and reflection to professional consultation services, all within a single, user-friendly platform.

These FAQ entries aim to cover the basics of ManifesTarot™, its applications, and how it can benefit users of Make sure to adjust the answers according to the current functionalities and services offered by your website to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

FAQ: Exploring the Talking Tarot Deck

Q: What is the Talking Tarot deck, and how is it unique?

A: The Talking Tarot deck is the latest addition to our collection, designed to bring a new level of interaction and engagement to your tarot readings. This deck features innovative elements that make the cards “speak” to you, offering insights and guidance in a more direct and accessible manner. Whether through QR codes, augmented reality, or voice-assisted readings, the Talking Tarot deck provides a novel experience for both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts.

Q: How can I use the Talking Tarot deck for my readings?

A: Using the Talking Tarot deck is as simple as conducting a traditional tarot reading, but with the added layer of interactive elements. Each card includes unique features that can be accessed through your smartphone or digital device, offering expanded interpretations, meditations, or even guided readings. This deck is perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of the cards or add a dynamic component to their readings.

Q: What comes included with the Talking Tarot deck?

A: In addition to the beautifully designed tarot cards, the Talking Tarot deck comes with a comprehensive guidebook that explains how to activate and interact with the cards’ unique features. Depending on the specific design, it may also include access to an exclusive app or website content that enhances your tarot reading experience with additional resources and tools.

Q: Who is the Talking Tarot deck suitable for?

A: The Talking Tarot deck is designed for everyone, from tarot novices to professional readers. Its intuitive design and interactive elements make it an exciting tool for learning and exploration, while also offering depth and sophistication for more advanced tarot practices. Whether you’re looking to engage more deeply with the cards or offer your clients a unique reading experience, the Talking Tarot deck is a versatile choice.

Q: Where can I purchase the Talking Tarot deck?

A: The Talking Tarot deck is not available for purchase.   Keep an eye out for special promotions or bundle offers that may be available to enhance your tarot journey when this deck is launched.  Join our mailing list to get advance notice!

Tarot Advocates for Spiritual Consumers (TASC)

Q: What is TASC?

A: Tarot Advocates for Spiritual Consumers (TASC) is a dedicated program within aimed at promoting ethical, informed, and respectful tarot practices among both tarot readers and those seeking guidance through tarot. TASC focuses on advocacy, education, and the support of spiritual consumers, ensuring a positive and enriching experience with tarot.

Q: How can I become involved with TASC?

A: Becoming involved with TASC is open to all members of our community who share a commitment to the ethical practice and use of tarot. To join, you can sign up through our website where you’ll find detailed information on the application process and the various ways you can contribute to our advocacy efforts.

Q: What are the goals of TASC?

A: TASC aims to educate the public about tarot, support ethical tarot reading practices, and advocate for the rights and interests of spiritual consumers. Through workshops, educational resources, and community outreach, TASC works to demystify tarot, address misconceptions, and foster a supportive environment for spiritual growth and exploration.

Q: Are there any events or initiatives sponsored by TASC?

A: Yes, TASC sponsors a variety of events and initiatives designed to engage and educate both our community and the general public. These can include webinars, workshops, public talks, and collaborative projects with other organizations that share our values. Details about upcoming events and how to participate can be found on our website.

Q: How does TASC support spiritual consumers?

A: TASC supports spiritual consumers by providing accurate, reliable information about tarot and advocating for ethical practices within the tarot community. We offer resources and guidance for those new to tarot, as well as for experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their practice in a respectful and informed manner.


Q: What is ReaderScore™? A: ReaderScore™ is a unique feature of, designed to assess and track a tarot reader’s intuition and reading accuracy. It functions like a credit score for psychic abilities, synthesizing data from various factors such as aptitude, training, experience, and emotional intelligence to produce a comprehensive score​​.

Q: How does ReaderScore™ work? A: It calculates your score using an algorithm that evaluates over 30 different data points across key areas relevant to tarot reading proficiency. This score can fluctuate, reflecting changes in your intuitive reading abilities over time and as you engage in further practice and learning​​.

Q: Who can benefit from using ReaderScore™? A: Both novice and seasoned tarot readers can benefit from ReaderScore™. It offers insights into your development areas, tracks your progress, and can even help you prepare for professional certifications like the Tarot Master Certification exam​​.

Tarot Master Certification Exam

Q: What is the Tarot Master Certification Exam? A: The Tarot Master Certification Exam offered by is a comprehensive test designed to certify your expertise and proficiency in tarot reading. It covers a wide range of topics from tarot archetypes and symbols to spread techniques and ethical considerations​​.

Q: How can I prepare for the Tarot Master Certification Exam? A: Preparation involves deepening your knowledge of tarot through study, practice, and possibly completing preparatory courses offered by Engaging with the tarot community, practicing readings, and familiarizing yourself with various tarot decks and spreads are also recommended strategies.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Tarot Master? A: Achieving certification can enhance your credibility as a tarot reader, open up professional opportunities, and connect you with a network of certified practitioners. It signifies a commitment to high ethical standards and mastery in tarot reading, which can be particularly appealing to clients and peers alike​​.

Free eBook on

Q: Is there a free eBook available on A: Yes, offers a free eBook to its members and visitors. This eBook is designed to provide valuable insights into the art of tarot reading, covering fundamental concepts, card meanings, reading techniques, and more, making it an excellent resource for both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts.

Q: How can I access the free eBook? A: To access the free eBook, simply navigate to the designated eBook section on and follow the instructions for download. Typically, you may need to provide your email address or sign up for a membership to receive your copy.  This ebook is not the same book as what is included with the tarot training course.  To access the ebook that comes with the tarot decks and course you need to be logged into your membership account and then navigate here.

Q: What topics does the free eBook cover? A: The free eBook typically covers a range of topics essential for tarot reading, including an introduction to tarot, interpretations of the tarot cards, tips for conducting readings, and advice on developing your intuition. It’s designed to help readers of all levels enhance their understanding and practice of tarot.

Q: Can the free eBook help me with tarot card meanings? A: Absolutely. The eBook is structured to provide detailed explanations of each tarot card, offering insights into their symbolism, potential interpretations in readings, and tips for applying their messages in various contexts.